Break Free from Low T: Balancing Your Male Hormones Made Easy

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162 pages

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Men, we expect most of you, at some point, will use this book (or another like it) to improve your health. Why do we think this? Because you’re aging, and this biological fact cannot be avoided. Indeed, your body, at about the age of 30, begins to degrade with each step of Father Time. I wish I could tell you there’s an anti-aging elixir out there that will turn back your biological clock to your 20s or 30s. Sorry, but neither science nor folklore has yet revealed a surefire way of giving you eternal youth. However, science has learned a lot about what makes a man biologically young, and you can now benefit from these discoveries. So, proceed with an open mind and an optimistic heart while reading this book and be comforted by the thought that youthful vitality is within your reach even after the age of 40.


About Ed Parr & Mo Harris

Hi, everyone, I’m Ed Parr. I’m a 64-year-old former corporate manager turned writer, management consultant, and part-time masters track athlete (sprinter). A little over two years ago, I woke up to the realization that my relatively good health was headed in a downward trajectory. This unexpected downturn in my health motivated me to learn more about men’s health and quickly. You see, throughout my adult life, as a casual athlete, I had never once experienced any similar health issues. Indeed, I trained rigorously, ate healthily, and was fit for much of my life up to then. As a consequence, I was blind to the prospect that my male hormones could get out of balance. I’ve since learned that most men my age, and even some many years younger, experience symptoms of Low T or other hormonal imbalances. This is the reason I’ve chosen to write this book- to help men regain their good health.



My Symptoms:

Because the term “Low T” has been so aggressively marketed in recent years via the mass media, men often conflate Low T with other male hormonal issues (just as I did initially). That is, many men believe that solving Low T will solve all their male hormone problems. Sadly, this is not the case. For example, when you read about my symptoms below, some of these problems may sound familiar to you because of the intense media focus on them. Medical misinformation abounds! However, many of these symptoms are repeated throughout this book but associated with non-testosterone male hormonal issues. It’s exactly this confusion stemming from widely advertised Low T symptoms that explains why it’s so challenging for men and their doctors to treat male hormonal health successfully.


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